Free falling since 1983


Everyone's a blank canvas. What we choose to put on it leads us to see who we are. Trends come and go, but the uniqueness that is you will forever remain.

My journey began in a faux-fur coat and bikini at age 3 (because what 3-year-old doesn't need a fur?). My canvas evolved through thrift shops, garage sales, and antique stores. My passion and my ever-changing canvas continue. It’s carried on through late nights of laughter in a floor-length red velvet dress to the signing of a lease at the District Shops in Cherry Creek. That brings us to today - strangebird.

strangebird. is about what you feel inside and wearing it on the outside. Each item in the shop and on this website has been hand selected for its own special reason - by me, for you. In fashion, there are no rules - only what make you feel comfortably and proudly like you. Be distinctive. Be #winginit. Be you.

Because who says you can’t wear a tutu to lunch on a Tuesday?

Breana - Founder of strangebird.